Clicker dies

Clicker Die from Gerdins

With over 70 years of experience in punch knife manufacturing. Our punch knives are built to handle tough materials and meet the tough demands of modern industry. With our long experience and technical competence, we can offer products that are optimally adapted for automatic punching in demanding materials, but also simpler tools for manual punching. We are the only manufacturer of punch knives in Sweden.

Clicker Die and cutting dies from us are known for their durability and precision. We offer a high level of service, high-quality products and certification according to international standards, which ensures that you get a product of the highest quality.

Materials that are best cut with our clicker dies

Gerdin's punch knives are designed to cut through a range of different materials with high precision and efficiency. Materials we recommend for our die cutters include:

Each material requires a specific type of punch knife, and we offer a wide range to meet your specific needs. No matter what material you are working with, our punch knives can be adjusted to deliver the best possible results.

Contact Us!

For more information about our punch knives and how they can improve your production, please contact Gerdins Cutting Technology AB. Our expertise and wide range of high-quality punching knives ensure that you get the right tool for your needs. Let us help you optimize your production with our reliable and efficient punch knives. Contact us today to find out more about our products and services.

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